Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hood Bag!

Finally I'm able to post something having been "blog dormant" for a while. Been busy with some library books teaching myself "How to Draw". Not sure I've achieved the desired outcome but will continue to practice, after all isn't that what makes perfect!! Somehow i can't see that ever happening!
Well here's a photo of the bag I made from the hood of one of the jumpers on the last but one post. I just cut the hood off and prised the two layers apart, as it was lined originally with a knitted inner layer as well as the outer . This gave me a perfect ready made bag shape complete with velvet ribbon detail. The handles were the rib at the bottom of the jumper, cut off and stitched in half.
It's a gift for a colleague at work who's leaving who enjoys cross stitch so have made it as a small project bag with a drawstring top. Needle case to match still a work in progress!
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Deborah said...

Dot - knew this would look terrific...... and it does! Dx

quiltchick said...

And about time too!! It's fabulous my friend. I'm sure she will love it.

Homeleightigger said...

It's just brilliant Dot - you really are very clever at this recycling lark, but you really do over simplify things when blogging! What about all that fabulous applique you've done on it - and those buttons, and as for the drawstring idea - I'm speechless! Val