Saturday, 28 March 2009

Screenprinting can be addictive.....

My brother in law teaches in a senior school with an amazing Art Department and on an opportune social engagement, Debbie met one of the Art lecturers. Well you know how one conversation can lead to another and.... we found ourselves on a tour of the department and an invitation to use the printmaking facilities. We spent two fantastic sessions screenprinting, using screens already made within the department. These are some of the results, fell in love with the "Agapanthus" screen and used it quite a lot.

The tape used on my sketch book cover was printed with this piece, hence the "blank" line running through!

....and finally just had to make up a fabric basket using some of my new treasures.

....more scraps to use up!

Decided to use the bits of fabric left over from my basket making extravaganza to make a long awaited sketchbook cover. The appliqued leaves were from fabric I stamped a spiral onto using a rolled up kitchen sponge! Needs must and all that.
Couldn't resist the "Made in Australia" tag from a shirt find in... you guessed an op shop! The tape ties were screenprinted by yours truly.

Fabric is a wondrously varied invention of man.....

....and what pleasure it's given me over the last few weeks. I purchased 2.25 meters of fabric to make my stylish apron and have been using up the "surplus" (plus a retro nightie I'd picked up on my frequent op shop trawls), on the few projects photographed. Having decided that I needed to learn how to put in a zip and never sucessfully achieved it before I thought the opportunity to use Deb's far more logical mind than mine too good an opportunity to miss! So... she worked out the "how", instructed me and voila my little zipped bag was created.
The snap purse, again something that Debbie worked out and I just had the pleasure of making! We'd picked up some rather interesting crocheted lurex purses on a op shop trawl and stripped away the lurex part and re-used the clasp.

The waist apron design was a joint effort and am very pleased with the results.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Well, thought it was time I took tentative steps back into the world of blogging! Am in Australia with my lovely sister and her family for 7 and a bit weeks and savouring every precious moment. She has a little haven on the upper floor of her house where we've wiled away many a creative hour stitching companionably. Before I arrived she compiled a "to go" list and a "to do"list both of which we're working our way through, but the lists seem to grow ever longer and time is getting ever shorter. Thought I'd post a few of the sewing project pics here to get me up and running again in blogland. It's been delightfully relaxing to sew just for the sake of it with such great company, in such a lovely space.
First two photo's are of one of the projects Deb had pre-orgainsed for us... A 1950s style reversible apron, perhaps it will turn me into a domestic goddess like her!!

When I arrived she'd made some great slippers for me,(check out her blog to see them and her apron) here woollen, warm and cosy just the job, along with two beautiful fabric baskets. Cos she's the sharing type (phew) she gave me a masterclass in the construction of said baskets and I went into production big time!

We've got some printing planned for later this week so watch this space....