Sunday, 29 June 2008

Block and Screen Printing

Decided to do a bit of further work on the fabrics dyed last weekend. Have had a play with screenprinting in the past and decided to resurrect my old battered screen and squeegie! The screen itself is just a wooden frame covered in a piece of fine net, crude but works. The stencil for the flowers was cut from greaseproof paper and attached, with masking tape, to the front of the screen. I used screen inks to print with, again have had them for about 10 years but wonderfully they've withstood the test of time! I then printed the black centre with a foam dot when the flower was dry.
The spirals were a block print made from childrens pre-cut foam shapes (from a local toy shop) glued to a piece of board. The photo's not great but i printed onto tissue paper and scrim as well as the large painted background. I used fabric paints and a sponge to coat the block then straight down onto fabric and voila!
Now, what shall i do with these? May print further but not sure yet.

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quiltchick said...

Lovely.......spirals are very watery, especially with the wavy lines behind.

Homeleightigger said...

They look wonderful Dot ... you make it all sound so easy! Val