Monday, 23 June 2008

and also..

Had a go at painting the dyes directly onto pre-treated (soaked in soda solution) fabric, using the method in Ruth Issetts book "Colour on Cloth"
The first photo is when wet, the second when dry and the third when washed. I like soft muted colours so the final piece was pleasing but will need further experimentation to produce strong colours. Having never used Urea when dyeing fabric only salt i replaced the "Chemical Water" (recipe in the book) which contains Urea with a salt solution. I do like to go along on my own merry way sometimes!
Perhaps the inclusion of Urea would deepen the colour??? Any tips gratefully recieved. I used a pippette to "splodge" the dye onto the fabric, liking the feathery look it gave. My try to get a darker finished piece or may not as softer tones are much more me.

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quiltchick said...

You have been a busy girl! This worked really well. Must have a play with this when we have our next snippit of time together.Love the colours and the wave effect.

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Dot - this is so pretty - love the pattern you made. When last in a dye class, I realised I was being too 'mean' with the strength of dye generally, at home! I think you might get stronger/brighter colour if the dye solution is 'stronger'. Val