Monday, 23 June 2008

Been Dyeing!

I really enjoy dyeing my own fabrics to use in projects so yesterday I set out armed with fabric and dyepots. The first photo is of a bargain fabric picked up in a local shop on saturday. It's a Viscose Linen and was £2.69 a metre. When i read on the label it was Viscose i knew how well it would absorb procion dyes and wasn't disappointed.
Silk organza, muslin, percale cotton and the viscose linen were all in the same dye bath and absorbed the dye in varying degrees. I used three colours pouring them into the bath one after another, raspberry, red brown and magenta. The percale is the lightest in colour and the organza the darkest. Was pleased with the results so now i need to get on and use them!
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quiltchick said...

Didn't they come out well! Lovely sumptuous colours.

Homeleightigger said...

Gorgeous Dot - thanks for sharing what dyes you used. Val