Thursday, 24 July 2008

Next Stage...

Have printed onto the patchwork pieces from previous post using the same foam stamp blocks used on my last printing binge.
The un-pieced anemone printed fabric was a pink and white check commercial cloth that went into the same dyebath as the pieced one. Am quite pleased with the results. Now what to do with them....
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Sunday, 20 July 2008

A bit of Patchwork.

Continuing my quest to create a "fabric paper" look from fabric alone so decided to piece some commercial print fabrics together, just using gently curved strips. The small piece in the corner and thin strip are what they looked like prior to being dunked in the dyebaths. None of the fabrics had been pre-washed, well i was on a roll! Think that may be why I ended up with a rather patchy look. Now i need to consider the next stage..... printing i think. Am trying to be really disciplined colour wise so I end up with a "stash" of farics that i can use togethe rather than a random "whatever takes your fancy" colour theme. Althought the top piece isn't quite what i had in mind that will teach me to write down previously used colours when dyeing a particular piece!!!
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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

ATC and PC

What a title, sounds like a secret code!
The first photo is the ATC i made for a swap within the Yahoo group "Textile Challenge". Fabric paper base, painted using acrylics and stamped. The crown was taken from a larger peice of fabric i made using old bits of lace stitched onto felt then washed with emulsion paint (thanks Val). I then painted the crown silver and the fleur de lise is ..... yes you guessed it, anaglypta! Old habits die hard. Words printed onto stamped paper using a small alphabet stamp set recently purchased.

The second photo shows the first two PCs in my "series" swap with Mandi. I chose anemone's as my source material hence the flurry of printing activity previously. The first (top) is made solely from paper with and thread the second is fabric and thread. I wanted to achieve a similar effect using fabric and paint as i'd achieved using the fabric paper. Lots of layering of colour was the key, just using fabric paints and stamps cut from foam onto my own space dyed fabric.
Now number three...... hmmmm.
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Monday, 14 July 2008

Number 2!

In my postbox the other day was this little beauty! The second in the "series" of PCs from Mandi. Needless to say mine in return, is as yet unfinished but hoping to rectify that today...
Thank You.
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