Sunday, 11 May 2008

Fabric Paper

Still getting used to this blogging stuff, what a novice i am with extremely limited I.T skills!
The bottom photgraph in this post is one of two fairly similar foundation layers i used to make "fabric paper" They were bonded with dilute PVA onto a paper napkin. I didn't need to use a muslin stabiliser as the paper napkin i had was a "posh" one and very robust.
The second two photos are of the finished pieces of fabric having been painted, stamped embossed etc. They're destined to become bookcovers, which when complete i will endeavour to post.
The method i used is the one outlined in Beryl Taylors book, Mixed Media Explorations. However have also experimented a little, replacing the PVA with bondaweb to try and achieve a softer finished fabric. Have been fairly pleased with those results as well.

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Homeleightigger said...

Ieep going from top pic to bottom pic - same piece, yes? Gorgeous! I love the wiggle stamp on the blue piece too! Val