Sunday, 18 May 2008

Completed Book Cover

Have completed a cover for my rather bulging sketchbook using the "fabric paper" i made last week. I'm really chuffed with it.
The corners seemed rather fragile so I re-inforced them with felt which was successful. My prototype book cover(attempt number 1!) using "fabric paper" which i made a few months ago for another skethbook had fabric along the edge where the corners are and therefore didn't need any re-inforcing.
Need to finish the folder i'm making now with the greeny blue fabric paper!
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Julie said...

Beautiful sketchbooks Dot, really lovely.

quiltchick said...

Lovely my friend, the corners worked really well. Well done!

sharon young said...

Beautiful book covers, I love the way you've combined text in the fabric papers, and the lovely heart stitch on the bottom cover is just perfect.

Aussie Jo said...

These are lovely, the felt corners look very professionally done.

Homeleightigger said...

Gorgeous Dot - I love the 'stuff' tags! Val

Jan said...

Hi Dot, your work is fab and so inspirational ... good luck with the blog.
love Jan x