Thursday, 21 May 2009

Dyes are out again!


Finally I have managed to "random dye" some threads with results that I'm pleased with. Over the years I've tried on and off to get results like the hand dyed threads you can buy, but have remained unsuccessful.....until now.
Think a lot of the problem was that i just sloshed a bit of dye about and hoped for the best!! So, out came the Helen Deighan book, Dyeing in Plastic bags, and, something I don't do very often, actually read the chapter on dyeing threads and followed the instructions, again something I'm not too good at!
Perhaps I should do more of it as the results prove. They were exactly what I wanted, pale soft heathery coloured threads! So glad "old dogs" can be taught "new tricks"!
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Deborah said...

Dot, you READ the chapter and FOLLOWED the instructions? Wait a moment while I pick myself up off the floor!! The colours are beautiful though... well done you!

Val said...

Great success Dot - definitely 'your' colours - that's why you're so pleased?!