Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Repurposing books.....

On a rather lovely day out in Melbourne with my sister visiting the particularly trendy Fitzroy Street, Brunswick street and Rose St Market we spotted some tired,and in some cases rather battered books (well just their hard covers) that had been given a new lease of life, that of a delightful notebook.
We couldn't hit the op shops fast enough to find some books that needed retiring from one purpose and given another, both settling on the childrens "Little Golden Books" with their dated illustrations and simple text. (The blue cover on the other book was also appealing so had to snap it up as well)
After removing the hardcover and cutting new pages the same size as the original ones from many different papers the whole lot was spiral bound very cheaply at a local printers. I did keep several of the original story pages within my notebook just to add to it's charm.
A button and tie was added as I always tuck loose bits of paper into any notebooks used and they inevitably fall out! Those old Ladybird books would be great so will be scouring my local charity shops next week!
This will probably be my last post from this side of the world as sadly we head back on Thurday, will miss the companionable creative time spent here with my wonderful sister.... roll on next year.

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sharon young said...

What a great idea, true recycling, I don't think i need to go to a charity shop, I've got far too many books of my own that would benefit from this treatment.
Hope you have a good trip back to the UK