Saturday, 4 April 2009

.....from sketch to print

We made our third, and sadly final visit to the Art Dept last Friday. Debbie and I had decided that we'd like to have a go at making our own screens. Firstly the design had to be drawn onto paper so i sketched a "gum tree" in the garden whilst sitting in the hot sunshine, oh life's hard! Really wanted my print to be "sketchy rather than a solid linear one.

The sketch was then transferred at a local copy shop onto a transparency then hot footed back to the studio for the next stage. A blank screen was then coated with photo emulsion in a dark room then left to dry. When dry the transparency was placed on a lightbox, covered with the dried coated screen, exposed for 30 seconds to ultra violet light then taken off and rinsed in water. Hey presto my tree was there! The black areas printed on the transparency prevent the emulsion curing under the ultra violet light and so when the screen is rinsed those areas are washed away leaving them open to transfer colour through.

Very chuffed with the results, hope to be able to bring my screen back with me for further use!


quiltchick said...

This is a fab design Dot. Must have a go with this technique when you get back. Missing you so much my friend. x

Val said...

Wow Dot! What a fantastic result.

sharon young said...

So you should be chuffed, it's a great result, I soo......... want to do this again, good luck with bringing it back with you.