Tuesday, 5 August 2008

....part two!

The second "project" of my weekend was this book! A few years ago, my mum in law bought me two wonderful books on "Bookmaking" and to date. I'm ashamed to say, hadn't explored them. Well now I have and am HOOKED!
The photographs are a little out of order but am not IT literate enough to rectify this on my own and my daughter's in bed!
Picture number 1 is of papers I painted and/or stamped with a selection of pre-cut and handmade stamps. Number 2 is the front cover of the completed book, number 3, the inside of the completed book and finally number 4 the back and fron inside cover.
I mixed a few bookmaking ideas included in the book(Textbook), (very confusing too many book references!) just to make things interesting(hard) and challenging! Learned a few valuable lessons as well.
I included a few stitched pockets on some of the pages and some accordian folded pages which aren't clear from the photographs. There were 4 sections(signatures in bookmaking terms, now i am one!) each with a decorated paper spine. In the photo number 2 it's the paper you can see where the tassel is attached.
Better get cracking on some more as i think they'll make really nice gifts for christmas.(not sure in which year!)

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Homeleightigger said...

Absolutely fabulous Dot, and I love the way all the papers and stuff are colour co-ordinated. Love your stamps too. Brilliant! What a weekend!! Val

Purple Missus said...

Gosh, you really were busy at the weekend. The journal is wonderful -
I certainly wouldn't mind one for a Christmas present :)

maggiepatch said...

Lovely book. I just love the colours.

sharon young said...

This book is just gorgeous, no wonder you're hooked. I love it, and you're right it will make a wonderful xmas gift, although I can't believe your thinking about it already!!!!!
Ps I've changed my email address, it's in my profile.