Monday, 6 October 2008

Good Times

Well.... what fun I had this weekend! Met up with three like minded friends and created from dawn 'til dusk.
I had wanted to have a go at the "bark fabric" technique that Val has explored and written about on her blog. Although I didn't want to create a finished piece that resembled tree bark i was intrigued at what background effects could be created using this method.
So off I went.....
A layer of felt was covered with some rust dyed fabric then newspaper, lace, painted papers and tissue were added finishing with a layer of sheer fabric. Stitching began and ended when I felt enough was enough! The peice was zapped with a hot air gun and stamped using foam blocks.
Keeping to my long running Anemone theme the shapes were stitched from behind using a sheer fabric as the applique piece and when stiched firmly into place I cut away the front portion (is this reverse applique?) Although not visible in the photograph the flowers are translucent. The applied flowers on the front are the bits that were cut away and are 3d but remain unfixed just pinned in place.
Now the dilema, it was created to be cut up into 2 PCs and a panel for a book cover but am rather liking the piece as a whole!
Thank you Maggie, Mandi and Linda for such a lovely weekend.
Off on Holiday this week so will be having a "blog break".
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quiltchick said...

What fun we had!

maggiepatch said...

Linda & I had such fun. Roll on the next get together.

Julie said...

Sounds like great fun! I like your piece too. Have a good holiday.

Homeleightigger said...

Oh decisions, decisions!! It's a super piece Dot, and so very different from the 'bark'. Just great.

ankyonline said...

great designs , must be fun