Sunday, 7 September 2008

...I haven't been completely idle!

Needed to kick start my creativity after what seemed like a long break! I had Number 3 in my Anemone postcard series to produce(better late than never, our monthly timescale seems to be elastic!)
I had discovered this "technique" in Quilting Arts and wanted to try it out. Fabric paint is mixed with the same amount of Gel Medium, coat a rubber stamp with the paint mix, place velvet onto the stamp surface right side down and iron over it with the iron set at a suitable temperature for the fabric, and voila, an embossed print onto the fabric. The velvet i used was silk (blouse i bought but no longer liked) but you can use synthetic velvet as well.
The magazine article suggests using "Polymer Stamps" (think they're the clear ones but not sure) but i didn't have any so just used my rubber ones. Caution, the hot iron can ruin the surface of the rubber so tried to be quick and not use too much pressure.
I used this for my appliqued flower onto some rather beautiful background I'd been sent as treasure(thank you Val). It's her foiled fabric paper and was the perfect colour and texture.
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quiltchick said...

So glad you've got your creativity back. I love my PC. Thank you.

Homeleightigger said...

The velvet looks amazing Dot and I love the postcard!

sharon young said...

I love this technique, Dot, it' so effective. The Finished PC looks brilliant.
Thanks for sharing it.